View Full Version : Microphone doesn't work on Equium M70

26.05.2006, 03:29
Hello there

I have purchased the TOSHIBA EQUIUM M70-337 INTEL PENTIUM M 735 a week ago, everythings working perfectly except the microphone including an external microphone which is working fine on oather PCs. Theres nothing wrong with the speakers or sound devices that are working properly, and the audio properties are all double checked and the volume of the microphone is not on "mute" for sure..

Can i get some help please?

Thank you

29.05.2006, 10:23

I don’t think that there is something wrong with the hardware. I assume there are wrong sound settings.
I would recommend checking the options in the sound and audio devices properties.
Please enter this option in the control panel. Select the “Voice” tab and use the button “Test hardware”.
Check also the “Volume” button. Check if the Microphone is selected. Then go to “Advanced”. Check the area “other controls”. Play with the options “1 mic boost” and “2 mic2 select”.

I use also external mic and on my unit the option “mic boost” is selected.

29.05.2006, 10:26

Also have to take into accound that under sound properties there is an option called playback, and then one called recording. If you go to recording, you should be able to turn up the microphone there as well. If it is muted there it will not work. Hope this helps.