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23.11.2004, 12:54
Hi, when I try to start my internal modem I receive this error ( WXP Home SP2):
Modem Log
- Modem type: TOSHIBA Software Modem AMR
- Modem inf path: oem22.inf
- Modem inf section: INTEL_AMR.Modem
- Matching hardware ID: pci\ven_8086&dev_24c6&subsys_00011179
- Opening the modem device failed with error 000005aa

Open COM
The port that the modem is attacched could not be opened.This may be the result of hardware conflict.

Error connecting to IOLFREE
Check the device manager to verify all device are functional.
ERROR 603: The modem (or other connectin device) is all ready in use or is not configured properly
I've check in the device manager without found any conflict and reinstalled the driver

Mannerhagen Tom
24.11.2004, 14:45

troubleshooting modems is a bit tricky. Error messages are fine for sure but I do not pay much attention to them in case of communication problems.
Can You hear the tone from the phoneline when You try to connect? Does the modem dial the number? If yes on those 2, please check networking settings, secuity settings.

I guess however based on the error message that you did not hear the phoneline tone. In this case the real hunt begins. First consider if You installed some old communications software, maybe for a mobilephone, maybe for an old printer or scanner that does not connect via USB. If You did, try first unistall any of those.
Did You install or set up any other communication software that might involve COM-ports? Think back and undo those settings.
If all else fail, if you cannot find the problem by unistalling or resetting then there are 2 more options:
- either the software is so changed that You cannot change it back without being a supernatural person with psycic abilities. My suggestion - recover the machine!! Check the modem DIRECTLY after the recovery. Do not install any other software before that. If it works then install the additional software one by one and check the modem function between every package.

- If the above does not help probably your modem is defective. Turn the unit in for service.

best regards


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25.11.2004, 13:42
Hi Tom, tanks for your help,but now I realize that in the device manager, under " PORT" ( COM & LPT)is present the only printer port LPT1 and no any COM port.
Under "MODEM" is present the my internal modem and, when I run the modem diagnostic I can see that the assigned port is COM3.
Have you any suggestion about how I can see the internal COM port?
I haven't installed any new hardware or software, seem that some think hide my Com port.
Best Regards

30.11.2004, 14:31
Hi Paolo,

in the device manager under "Port" are only the "real" ports listed and the Toshiba Softmodem emulates a virtuell COM port! I think the virtuell COM port is installed by the installation routine of the modem driver setup!

Whe you are working in a company mostly you have to preselect a "0", have you checked this?

Did the modem working in the past?

Bye Pelox

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02.12.2004, 11:42
Actually I'm in the same deep stuff.
On my M30 the modem is missing from a long time. Using the NB under a LAN I've really never checked if it has been present in some point of time. I assume not.

I've found in the forum this thread that should apply.

But you should admit that it can be a little bit annoying to REINSTALL the O.S. only to try IF the modem will work.
I believe that some workaround should be proposed.


Luca Cerutti

P.S.: hope that my english is not too terrible
P.P.S.: i'm actually triyng to make it work under Linux. The drivers are believed to be working, so it may be an alternative way to verify if it is HW or SW's fault.