View Full Version : Satellite Pro L20 - persistant buzzing sound

23.05.2006, 17:44

My less than three days old L20 has developed an annoying buzzing sound that comes from the top right hand corner.

When first turned on it's fine, then after half an hour or so a loud buzz comes from that area if the laptop is moved up or down, and within an hour the buzz is a constant one no matter what position it's in. The only way to stop it is to turn the unit off and leave it - would this indicate a fan/cooling problem?
Is there anything that can be done?


24.05.2006, 13:30
Hi J,

Given the fact that your notebook is only a few days old I would strongly recommend that you return it to the original supplier for replacement. You notebook should not make any buzzing noises apart from the cooling fans which should come on periodically to cool the CPU.


24.05.2006, 14:59

I agree with Nicky. The notebook is pretty new and you should get any strange sounds or buzzing noises.
The only noise what you should hear is the running fan noise.
But it shouldn’t buzz.

However, the warranty is valid on your notebook and I would recommend contacting the Toshiba service partner. He should take a look on this unit.