View Full Version : Satellite Pro 4600: WinXP - No hardware acceleration for dvd?

20.05.2006, 13:37
I have a satellite 4600 pro, pentium 3 800 with 128mb ram, and Trident CyberBlade XP graphics card. The unit is perfectly capable of reproducing dvd with software alone using PowerDVD 6. However due to the fact that my battery is almost dead, I would like to be able to play DVD at the most battery optimized settings.

The unit's low cpu setting (about 350mhz) should be able to play dvds if backed up by hardware acceleration, since cyberblade claims to be a directX 7 card with both motion compensation and idct. However PowerDVD 4, PowerDVD 6 and windvd 7 fail to recognize the hardware acceleration under windows XP.

In the past I had a similar problem with a laptop having a cyberblade i7 graphics card. I was then able to activate hardware acceleration only using powerdvd 4 and windows 98, but I don't want to resort to that.

Can anyone help me? Do you know any software player with support for cyberblade under windows XP? Do I need any other drivers? I have the drivers from the toshiba site, and they date back to 2001...

22.05.2006, 14:54

Unfortunately, I donít have any experience in the cyberblade hardware acceleration but the notebook graphic cards are not similar with the desktop PC cards.
As far as I know this unit has a Trident Cyber BLADE XP video controller 16MB External VRAM and Hardware DVD Video Support.
However, you will find the Toshiba drivers on the Toshiba website but if you need a especially on so I would suggest to ask the Trident support.
But if you will use no Toshiba drivers you can do that on your own risk!