View Full Version : Tecra 8200: I can't install Wlan driver for Windows XP

18.05.2006, 23:19
Hello ,
i can't find wireless driver for windows xp. I have Tecra 8200. I try to install a lot of drivers of the official page of Toshiba for Tecra 8200 but the drivers do not work.
If anyone know how i can install wireless in my tecra 8200, please let me know.

19.05.2006, 10:49

Firstly what I want say is the Tecra 8200 was not delivered with Windows XP and you will not find any Wlan drivers for WinXP on the Toshiba website.
I have checked it and there are only drivers for W2k, NT, and W98SE.

But as far as I know the unit was delivered with the ORiNOCO specification Wlan miniPCI Card Wireless LAN standard: 802.11b
In this case I would recommend searching in the net for such drivers.

Unfortunately, this is all what I can suggest.

19.05.2006, 14:06

Obviously on Toshiba download page there is no WLAN driver for WXP. Try to check card manufacturer support site. I donít know which card you have exactly but I think it must be ORiNOCO one.