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18.05.2006, 11:55
Message from a very technically challenged person!
My office router is set to Channel 13, and should be able to be used by my home pc (Qosmio) however it refuses to see the router, have now paid twice for a techy to look at it, had the wireless card changed, Tosh assure me it

18.05.2006, 12:40
Hi Betty,
1) Make sure that the box that says "let windows manage my wireless connections" is ticked in Control Panel/Network Connections/Wireless Network Connections/Properties/Wireless Network.
2) Connect to your router (you didn't say which make) via LAN and make sure that wireless is enabled. Do not secure the network at this point.
3) Disconnect the LAN and disable it.
4) Make sure that the wireless switch is "on".
5) In the task bar, within the system tray, there should be an icon for Wireless. Left click on it once. This should bring up a window that says "searching for wireless networks". (if it brings explorer, close it)
It should now see your router.
Let me know and have fun.

18.05.2006, 13:35

I have found a very interesting forum posting about the Wlan channel 13.
Check this:

Please check also this Toshiba FAQ document:

24.05.2006, 09:20
Hi as from the link the card in the laptop is unable to access Channel 13. Best bet is to access the router and change the broadcast channel one of 1 - 11.
The Qosmio will then be able to see the router and you'll get the wireless access.

You'll need the admin password for the router and IP address. Try doing it from a wired PC. Typical IP address is


30.05.2006, 16:23
thanks very much for your help, looks like I've got to go backto my company who provided the router as it's set on 13 which the Qismio cant recognise. I was wondering if you knew that if I plugged another router to the original router whether that would work?
thanks anyway !

30.05.2006, 16:26
it all makes sense now!

thanks for your help