View Full Version : Tecra 550CDT - How to install the OS on this unit?

17.05.2006, 17:43
I've just been given a Tecra 550 CDT, which was working beautifully on Win 98, until it's previous owner attempted an upgrade to Windows XP. (Probably not very wise given its specification!) At power up, it now gives the choice of Windows 98 or Windows XP, however neither works. It just reports lots of missing files, says that Windows cannot load, and goes back to the C: prompt.
Any help or suggestions on how to get it back to Win 98 would be appreciated.

I have a Win 98 CD. But the computer doesn't have a floppy drive, which I think was an external option. If it was, it's now missing alas. So that may limit recovery possibilities. Also I have no documentation or drivers, so even if recovery to Win 98 is achieved I imagine that drivers for the display and the "green button" tracker are needed?

Many thanks for your help; even though it's a pretty old laptop it IS a laptop!! I'd find it very useful when on the move, and the battery seems to be fine.
Is there any documentation online anywhere?
Had a pretty good look but any found specification sheets.

18.05.2006, 13:06

If you have an external USB handy that could be helpful in doing this installation. Otherwise you can start up in dos mode by pushing F8 while booting. Then enter Windows with command prompt, assuming it has enough drivers to do this. If you manage to make it there, run an FDISK to format everything and start a clean install. This should get it running. Win98 and WinXp likely went into conflict and need to be deleted so you can get to reinstalling. Hope this helps.