View Full Version : CD ROM drive does not eject on Tecra 8100

17.05.2006, 14:53
I have a Toshiba Tecra 8100 and my CD drive does not eject. It happens only when it starts up.
Any ideas, anyone, how to solve this?

Even when I get it open it wont run any discs?

19.05.2006, 15:58

You are not able to open the drive to put in the CD. Is it right?
Usually every drive has a little hole to open the drive manually. You can use a thin wire to open the drive.
But if the drive doesn’t work properly or doesn’t accept and recognize any CD so I assume the drive is dead and only the drive replacement can solve it.

19.05.2006, 16:55

According to your posting I presume that there is mechanical problem and if the medias are not readable I think that it is time for replacement.