View Full Version : Tecra T9000: Question about Cd/DVD drive compatibility

17.05.2006, 12:48
Anyone knows which cd/dvd that fits in the Tecra T9000.I bought one where the cd is missing


17.05.2006, 12:57
There is more then 1 dvd for this model. I can give you information for both of them and then the rest is up to you. Either one should work for your machine.

First one is DVD-Rom Drive with part number P000327650. It has a silver panel.
Second one is DVD-Rom Drive with part number P000327660. It also has a silver panel.

If you google around you can find some people selling those part numbers and buy one, or order one from an ASP and even have them install it. I hope this helps you out.

17.05.2006, 15:30
Hi aceman

I assume you have purchased the one drive which is not compatible with your unit.
You must be careful with such products. Not all drives work on all notebooks. There is a different pin assignment which makes the drives compatible.

I think the information which was posted by jmatthews is correct. You have two possibilities: You can google for the part numbers or you will contact the Toshiba ASP in your country and order the compatible drive from them.