View Full Version : Equium L10-300 recovery disk needed

16.05.2006, 10:48
ive had my laptop for 5mnths and i need to recover my toshiba laptop but the dealer, pc world in UK, i bought it from gave me a copy of the recovery disk and not the original but nothing is on it. so how can i download or obtain a Toshiba L10-300 recovery disk. or should i use my Windows Xp home edition disk and then install the necessary driver from Toshiba tools and utilities disk? please help or email me on mnm_dr_Dre@hotmail.com

16.05.2006, 11:33
Hello Mo,

Yes you can install Windows XP HE or Pro and then download all the drivers from Toshiba. But the place you bought the Computer from is supposed to furnish the Recovery CD's that came with the machine. If you go back and ask them they should be more then happy to oblige your request, since after all it is not your fault you do not have the CD's. Either way, for now if you want you could install windows normally and download the drivers, and wait for your recovery CD from the store, or you can go to the store, request your Recovery CD, and install it that way once they give you the CD's. Hope this clears up your problems.

16.05.2006, 21:45
Hi Mo

Does your get your notebook original packed or the box was already open?

The recovery media is definitely part of the delivered notebook. Please talk again with your local dealer. He must give you the recovery media because it belongs to you. You have pay for it.

As solution you can install your own WXP and install all drivers from Tools & Utilities CD.