View Full Version : Random wireless connection issue on Tecra A3

16.05.2006, 09:57
Hi, the wireless connection on my A3 often has problems. Four other computers are on the network and never have any problems, but with my laptop I often have trouble connecting. Then sometimes it just does not provide an internet connection despite saying on the wireless page that it is connected, full signal etc.

Then a while later the internet will suddenly start working for no reason. Also, when the internet is working, when the connection speed drops to 24mbps, the internet stops working all together, until the speed drops further, when it comes back on.

Please help!

18.05.2006, 16:06

As far as I know this unit was delivered with the Atheros WLan card.
Usually the Atheros client utility should be preinstalled on this unit and should be use to configure the WLan connection and options.
I don’t know if you use it, but if not check it.
Furthermore I would recommend checking the WLan driver version. Maybe a new release is available on the Toshiba website.

However, mostly the hardware compatibility between the WLan router and the WLan card is responsible for such issues (connection delays, etc)

18.05.2006, 19:11

It will be interesting to know if the unit has INTEL 2200 BG WLAN card. If yes it is known that this card “strikes” with some access points.

Try to install latest Intel driver