View Full Version : Question about setting up wireless networking

15.05.2006, 23:27
I have managed to set up my laptop and desktop to access the interest through a Belkin WLan router modem. So why can't they access each other or the printer which is attached to the desktop. Both computers access the router independently through wireless connection.

The printer is attached to the desktop through parrell port. Each are running xp home.

16.05.2006, 18:23

In order for them to access the printer you need to have the printer shared. Go to start->settings-> fax and printers, then go to your printer, right click it, and go to share. Then share it. Now go to your portable, and go to the fax and printers page again. Now click add printer, and click that it is connected to the network through another computer, and add it to your portable. Now it should be useable on the network. In order for your computers to see each other they would have to be networked together, in a literal sense. Go to networks, and create a LAN or WLAN, first the desktop, then the portable. After you do this to both of them, they should be networked together and see each other. A routher is dandy but for some reason some computer still do not act as though on a network until you force them to.