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15.05.2006, 15:28
i have an old Tecra 8100. I have upgraded the CPU from 700 to 900Mhz. It is working but the CPU is still set to 100x7= 700Mhz. I think it will work if i find a tool which can update the DMI record for the CPU. DMICFG could read the values but could not write them.
Could someone point my to a solution?
I think there exists an Toshiba Tool for that.


15.05.2006, 15:50

As far as I know the highest CPU was 800 MHz which was delivered with the Tecra 8100. I think this is limit.
I have found other topics about the CPU changing on the Tecra 8100.


Maybe help this: Entered BIOS using 'Esc' + F1 during POST. Changed processor speed from 'Low' to 'High' (used for battery saving).

15.05.2006, 15:54
Hello Sim,

Your right about the DMI and a tool does exist to do this. But it is not available outside of ASP's, which means you will need to take your computer to your local ASP and have them update the DMI for you. Unfortunate as it is, you can either have your ASP do it, or run with a slower CPU. Good luck.

15.05.2006, 16:00
Hi Markus,
thx for your answer! i know that the maximum is 800Mhz, but i think it will be no problem to run a 900Mhz CPU, i just have to find a Tool which will update the DMI String.

15.05.2006, 16:07

i know that it is not available for costumers, but when i asked my local ASP, they told me that they can but not willing to do it for me because of possibly failure.

15.05.2006, 16:11
The possibility of failure should not be an issue. If the program fails to write the new DMI at worst case scenario you will have to place your old CPU back in and redo the DMI with it instead. Should not be an issue at all. Pretty sure a failed DMI does not ruin the motherboard like a failed BIOS update.

15.05.2006, 16:18
i changed the CPU speed in the Bios from high to low, as suggested from Markus.
Now my notebook wont start up again. Changing speed under OS did not run me into any problems.
I think i have to remove the CMOS battery :-(