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15.05.2006, 11:51
Mentioned this problem in another item

Power supply by adapter gives green LED and battery loading. So far so good, but...
After pressing the ON/OFF button, nothing happens. Not using the main adapter but only the battery gives no changes.
Only the the DC IN - LED flickers in a certain frequency:
in morse : .-.....-
in BIN : 01000001

Nothing else happens.... Sytem stays down

I've purchased a new battery, but no changes.

What can be wrong ??


15.05.2006, 12:02
The blinking code appears if there is something wrong with the hardware.
Code: 0100 0001 you have to read it backwards 1000 0010 = 82h

The Toshiba service partner should know what's meaning by error 82h
You should ask him for the help.

Please check this forum posting:

15.05.2006, 16:06
Thanks for the fast and good replies. I've been contacting a very expensive phonenumber and could keep the converstation very short because of your answer. I have to bring it to an ASP ofcourse, but OK... I'll send in another post whenever it's solved.


18.05.2006, 12:02
:-( It's me again.....

In one of the newsgroups on the Internet I read that Toshiba (at least Toshiba America) has extended the standard warranty (everything except battery and abuse) through the end of this year on all Satellite Pro 6100 laptops. Can anyone confirm this and does this mean that I can still offer them my 4 years-old laptop for repair ?? I did not succeed to get it from the one I spoke on the phone....


18.05.2006, 13:42

I donít know exactly about Toshiba US but as far as I know the battery is covered by warranty only 12 month and itís not possible to add it to the extended warranty.
But all replacements and warranty issues you should discuss with the authorized service partner in your country.

23.05.2006, 19:51
Well, within one week my Satellite Pro 6100 went up and down to Toshiba Holland and is fixed. They have fixed the modification at the systemboard for free (coulance) and they've discovered a failure at the FL - inverter, and replaced it. Besides transport it's been done for about 85,00 Euro's.

Thank you all for helping me out !


23.05.2006, 21:27

Thank you very much for you comment and the feedback