View Full Version : Equium M40x-189: Question about the HDD and graphic card upgrade

12.05.2006, 17:56
Hi folks just a few quick questions.

1. can a second hard drive be fitted to the afore mentioned notebook?.....it came with a 60gb HDD
2.can a graphics card such as an ati or geforce mobile/go be fitted instead of the onboard graphics?

any answers would be greatly appreciated.

12.05.2006, 18:11

It is not possible to upgrade or to replace the graphic card. The graphic card is a little chip which is fixed on the motherboard. It’s not the same technology as on the desktop PCs.
The upgrade of the HDD is something different. It’s possible to replace the HDD at to put another one. But before you replace the HDD you have to check if the HDD is compatible and if the BIOS will recognize it.
Sometimes BIOS cannot recognize the bigger HDDs.


15.05.2006, 21:08

1. I don’t know what you mean under “second hand HDD” but you can hit every 2,5’’ HDD but the question which max capacity will be recognized. I believe that there should not be problem with 80 GB capacity, but more than this can be problematic
2. as far as I know the graphic card is a part of mainboard and can not be exchanged


16.05.2006, 07:41
I meant that i want to install a second hard drive so that my system would contain two physical hard drives i.e. the original 60gb plus an additional hard drive.

16.05.2006, 16:57

If you use it as external one connected by USB ports there should not be any problems.

16.05.2006, 17:13

As was said before, there is no way to install a 2nd harddrive physically on the machine without it being external. And this model does not have a seperate video card, it is integrated on the motherboard. Which means it would not be possible to upgrade it. Unfortunate as it is, best you can do is increase shared memory in bios and under your virtual memory settings. The Qosmio series from Toshiba does include a 2nd hard drive bay for 2 hdd's though, as well as some have seperate video cards so you can even possibly upgrade those as well. But not the Equium M40x. Have a great day.