View Full Version : Equium M70: strange screeching sound from speakers

11.05.2006, 17:11
I have an Equium M70 and within the last 2 days have been getting strange screeching sounds from the speakers when using Windows.
Cd's/DVD's seem to run as normal but when I open up I get a piercing high pitched sound for about a minute, if I then click on a link or shorcut I get a double short screech.

I've tried running the system diagnostic test but when it gets to the wav sound check the screech becomes almost unbearable and the whole thing just hangs there util I terminate the test.

Any ideas?

11.05.2006, 17:42

I know that I ran into this problem not that long ago. The resolution was to reinstall windows and the sound was fixed. But that was just my case and yours could be a more severe case. Try plugging in headsets and seeing if that fixes the problem. I think that somehow the problem I had was with windows sound files. It played all audio files just fine, except any windows generated wave files, at which point it screeched etc. Recovered with the CD's and it works fine now. Try to use the recovery CD's, if that does not help I suggest taking it to your ASP and have them check it out. Have a nice day.

11.05.2006, 17:47

Well, the one possibility is checking the sound driver. Maybe this will solve the sound issue.
The second possibility is that the Microsoft windows sound files which were installed on the HDD are corrupt. In this case the best way to solve this issue is to recover the OS.

12.05.2006, 09:59
Thanks guys. I'm a newbie at all this but would like to check the sound drivers as a first step. How do I do this?
Thanks, again.

12.05.2006, 10:05

Go to this website and download this file, then install it. It that does not fix the problem then backup your data and reinstall windows. At this point all should work well. If not, it is a hardware issue that your ASP can help you resolve. Hope this helps and have a nice day!


12.05.2006, 10:11
Hi Jarl

If your unit is preinstalled with recovery media or you have still “factory settings” there should not be any problem with sound driver. Try please to start DirectX diagnostic tool. You can do it on this way: start > run > write “dxdiag” > OK.

Go to Sound tab and chose “Test Direct Sound” and go through all steps. Is there also this strange noise?