View Full Version : Satellite P20: WEP key will not fit - only 24 characters

11.05.2006, 10:32
hi; on my p20 satellite there is not enough room to enter a 26 character wep key (only 24 spaces) can anyone advise how to reconfigure to accept 26 characters
rgds david

11.05.2006, 11:38
Hi David

When you enter your password, only 24 points will be shown. Please enter the whole password and save it. When you open it again the number of shown points will be different again. It is a kind of security features and don't allow to show the real password length.

11.05.2006, 14:42

Additional info:
If you use a 64bit WEP encryption you can only enter 10 hexadecimal characters and by using 128bit WEP encryption, 26 hexadecimal characters are possible.

Please check also a very useful article about WEP on the wikipedia.