View Full Version : Satellite Pro A60: TV S-VHS out doesn't work

09.05.2006, 20:07
I have a Satellite Pro a60 and I'm trying to get my S-VHS out to function... This doesn't work very well.

I've connected all the right cables and right-clicking on the desktop, choosing Preferences and then Preferences again, but I can't find anything about sending the video-signal.

I don't have the standard configuration by Toshiba though, but that shouldn't matter. I'm running WinXP SE, but the drivers for my ATI card is about two years old and I can't find a suitable one anywhere, is this the problem, or do I need ATI's Utility Program??

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10.05.2006, 13:10

I want to say that FN+F9 puts the svideo out. As well as right click on desktop, then go to properties, go to the last tab all the way to the right, and then click advanced. Here are the advanced properties for your video card, including S-video settings. Hope this helps.

10.05.2006, 15:36

You should also check the settings on the TV. You should choose the right channel.
Like in the previous posting suggested you can change the display device by using the key combination FN+F9.
If you want to play the DVDs for example with the WinDVD player so you should firstly change the output to the TV and then start the WinDVD.