View Full Version : Satellie Pro A60 EN won't boot

09.05.2006, 16:12
My satellite Pro A60EN doesn't boot. When I turn on the power there is a faint click, but it doesn't read the HDD. If I boot with a bootable CD it starts the CD/DVD drive, but doesn't boot. The HDD is OK as I have tried it on my desktop (using an IDE USB connnector).
Is this CPU, motherboard or RAM?
Any help much appreciated.

09.05.2006, 17:14

Could use some more information. Your best bet is to try a good stick of ram and see if that works. If not, chances are your motherboard is dead. Let me know how it goes.

09.05.2006, 21:48
Thanks. The only memory I have is nonremovable on the system board. I'm thinking that getting a memory upgrade won't work if the onboard memory is shot. That means replacing the system board, which isn't worth it.
It's frustrating.
The CD drive died just after the warranty ran out, then the HDD died, now this.

11.05.2006, 18:46

To find out whatís wrong some diagnostic tests are needed.
If you have checked the HDD and if itís ok so I assume there must be something wrong with the motherboard. But it must be checked to be 100% sure.
The fact is that the motherboard is a expensive part and you should check it before you replace something.
Sorry I donít see any other solution.