View Full Version : Norton Ghost crashes on Satellite Pro A100

09.05.2006, 16:04
Good afternoon all,

I'm having a problem with a few laptops I have here. I just got a few Satellite Pro A100's, but I'm having problems with making an image of the HDD. I tried Norton Ghost and a few other programs that can backup a disk to an image, but none of them worked. For some reason they all crash when they are tryig to start.

I have tried it on three different laptops and failed every time, at exactly the same point. I'm guessing it has something to do with how those programs handle the memory.

Has anyone had this problem before and did you find a solution for it?

09.05.2006, 17:18

I doubt the problem is anything severe. But I can say your best bet is to take it to an authorized service provider. The hard disk underneath sometimes has a habit of disconnecting after a bit of work. But it is not anything you can do to fix it. You need to take it in to a repair shop and have them look at it. The reason Norton crashes is because it can not continue to read the hard disk drive due to it not being completely connected. Let me know how this goes. And as a last thing, if you want turn the laptop over and take the cover in the lower right corner and see if the hard disk is seated correctly and firmly. Then retry the ghost.

10.05.2006, 09:19
I doubt it is the hdd though... because I have the problem with 3 different A100's.

I have tried with different programs and OS's. Linux, MSDOS, FreeDOS, OpenDOS, etc...

10.05.2006, 13:47

I can almost bet it is the HDD. I have already had 4 A100's, A7's, and P100's come into my shop that had the exact same problem. Basically the one you described. I am convinced it is a loose hard drive. The HDD cover underneath does not apply enough pressure to the hard disk so sometimes this happens. If you take the HDD cover off, and push the hard drive in correctly, it should part right away. Take the portables to your nearest ASP because there is a part to order to resolve this issue. I can not say anymore then that. Thanks for your time and have a wonderful day, and I hope this helps your dilemma.