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09.05.2006, 13:40
Well, some could remember my previous post about fan activation in my Tecra 8100.

This notebook came to me as a gift by a customer, because screen didn't work. After a bit of research, the problem was the internal cold cathode, that was broken. Once replaced: yup! a free notebook for me!! It was a Pentium III 650 Mobile, with 64MB of RAM and a 12GB hard disk. I replaced all those componentes (that are now for sale, btw) and it now has a Pentium III 850 Mobile, 512MB of RAM and a 40GB hard disk. Some one gave me a PCMCIA 11Mbps WiFi card, and now how it is working, with Windows XP Professional and updated Toshiba utilities and drivers downloaded from Toshiba USA.

What's the buzz? SpeedFan, Motherboard Monitor and other monitoring utilities reports temperatures of up to 72Ă?ÂșC in the CPU. I opened the notebook and put thermal paste instead of the sticker the heatsink has. Temperature keeps high, and Toshiba Utilities even at "high performance cooling" settings doesn't make the fan cool the cpu...

I have not hangs at all, but notebook case and pcmcia cards get too hot even with the system working with no apps running. Lowering the CPU clock or ratio doesn't help at all.

I'm thinking of putting an extra fan somewhere to force air flow and that way cool the cpu, unless that...

...Toshiba could develop an utility that allows to directly control fan speed. I don't know if thermal management is hardware or software driven. If it's software driven, it should be easy to create a utility that access directly to fan and temperature registers. That would be MUCH better that simply let the computer decide when and how long to activate the fan.

I'm sure that Toshiba engineers are busy with more important things that will not allow them to create the utility for us, so...

...what to check or do to cool down the CPU to more appropiate values?

Thanks all!

09.05.2006, 14:14

Like in you previous posting described the Toshiba power saver controls the CPU and fan usage.
This software works great and if you use the notebook as prescribed, you shouldn't get any problems and overheating issues.

The problem is that you have changed all devices and parts on you notebook. The new parts are efficient but produce more warmness.
On the notebook you can cool the CPU with one little fan and if it doesn't last out, it's necessary to decrease the CPU performance.
This is a simple fact. All these functions can be set with power saver.
Furthermore it's very important that your cooling module is clear and no dust and debris handicap the fan working.

PS: Useful link about CPU changing: