View Full Version : Sound issue when using AC adapter on Equium

07.05.2006, 21:10
Dear all, I have a sound problem while using ac adapter in my laptops it produces some unpleasent noise. But it works fine while working with battery.
I didn't have this problem month before. i thought it was problem with bios and updated my BIOS as well. Still the problem is unsolved. do you guys have any experience on it.

Looking to hear from you guys.

09.05.2006, 11:45

Firstly I would try to update the sound driver. Check the Toshiba page and reinstall the driver. If it doesnít solve this issue I assume there must be something wrong on the motherboard. Unfortunately, itís not easy to say whatís wrong exactly.
The diagnostic tests are needed to find the fault.
In this case a call to the service partner in your country would be great idea.