View Full Version : Speakers do not work on Tecra 9000

06.05.2006, 23:41
i have an Tecra 9000 and the problem is that i get perfect sound using headphones but no sound from speakers.The cd player is dismounted.

Anyone who can help me?

08.05.2006, 13:15

If the headphones are connected you shouldn't hear anything. The speakers are disabled if the headphones are plugged in.
But if the headphones are disconnected you should hear the sound. Please check the "PC speaker" controller in the Volume control setting. This you can find in the sound options.

12.05.2006, 15:59

I presume that you will tell us that your speakers don’t work at all just headphones. The only thing that you can do is to check all “mute “settings but usually they are the same for speakers and headphones.

Other way I presume that there is some mechanical problem. If you can not hear anything but really nothing I think that there is some connection problem. Believe me, on this way we can just speculate what the problem can be but just precise investigation can tell you more.

12.05.2006, 17:51

Good thing is that if the headphones work your sound card, generally located on the motherboard is not defective. Could be your speakers that are bad though. But they cost very little, generally under €20. Go to control panel->soundmax-> and then to the power savings tab. Under there make sure that power saving for your computer speakers is turned off. Then check other sound settings. Download the sound driver from website and install it as well. If you can not seem to find the setting then backup all your data and reinstall windows from the recovery cd, and see if it works from this point. If not, chances are your speakers are bad and need to be replaced. Hope you solve the problem.