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05.05.2006, 21:19
Hi there!

I have a firewire audio interface (Edirol FA-101) which is having some problems and I believe this is to do with an IRQ conflict on my Equium A60-152 laptop.
When I looked in the device manager, I noticed that my firewire host is sharing IRQ 19 with several other devices (USB, Cardbus etc).
Is there any way that I can switch my firewire host so that it is running on a separate IRQ from these other devices?

I notice that several numbers are not in use (18, 20, 9-11 and 4-7), maybe one of these would be suitable? Whenever I try to change the IRQ of a device in the device manager it is marked as using "automatic settings" and I cannot change this.

Thanks for any help you can give me!


09.05.2006, 10:57

Usually itís not necessary and not advisable to change the IRQs manually.
The OS controls all settings and I assume that all this settings are ok.
You write about some problems but you donít say whatís wrong.

However, this is a 3rd party hardware and in my opinion you will have more luck to solve the issue if you contact the support of the hardware manufacture.

Good luck.

Ps: Please check also this site with FAQ about this hardware:

10.05.2006, 12:19
Hi Mongo

Unfortunately you donít write which kind of problems you have. By the way: IRQs sharing is controlled by WinXP and there is no way to change it manually.

Like Juan already wrote, try to contact Edirol support and explain them your problems.