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05.05.2006, 13:52
my satalite Satalite Pro A60 keeps overheating and crashing. It says something about a ati driver.

I have downloaded a bios upgrage bios-190trad from this website.
I have burnt the iso to disk but I can't get the laptop to boot from the disk in the readme what comes with the bios it says to press F12 when the laptop is started. F12 dosen't do anything for me. How do I get it to boot from the Cd Rom. I am using Windows XP Service pack 2.

05.05.2006, 15:25

Firstly if you want to boot from the CD you should change the booting order in the BIOS. To enter the BIOS you can use the ESC key and then F1.
Another possibility is pressing C key immediately after notebook starting.

If the notebook overheats so I assume the fans donít work properly. In this case you should try to clean the fans. (use the vacuum cleaner)

05.05.2006, 21:09
I would recommend backing up all work on cd or some other hardware before changing bios.

Here is what I did to change the bios. I downloaded the bios v1.90 for my A60 satalite pro from this page by going through the menus http://www.toshiba-tro.de/subpage/bios.html . I then followed the instructions in the zip file and burnt an iso of the dowloaded bios to cdrom. I then restarted my pc and pressed the esc key and F1 to get into bios and changed the boot Priority to cdrom first using the arrow keys and instructions at the bottom of the screen I then restarted again.

The laptop run the cd first and asked me if I wanted to update the bios and told me to select my model, so I did, it started installing the bios then crashed. I disconected all my wires (mouse speakers internet etc) and tried again this time it worked and now it has a updated bios.

Please note I don't know if it has fixed the problems with the ati driver and overheating yet as I have just installed it. Others say it does work so I guess it does.

When you say clean fans, Do I have to take the covers off the back to use the hoover, Is thier any pictures on how to do this?

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08.05.2006, 10:26

Firstly itís nice that you have solved the overheating and crashing problems.
Mostly itís not necessary to remove the any covers to clean the fans.


08.05.2006, 23:22
it overheated and crashed today

09.05.2006, 12:41
Hi Adam,

I'm a bit confused over which covers you refer to on the back of your A60. To emove any dust and debris you need to aim the vacuum cleaner hose at the air 'intake' grille which is on the bottom of your notebook. If you try to pull out the dust through the outlet vents on the back you wrisk making the problem worse since this will tend to pull the debris further into the CPU heatsink effectively blocking it.

Also try wrapping a duster around the end of the vacuum hose so as to maximise the suction through the fan/s.


11.05.2006, 09:50
it dosen't seem to overheat anymore although I am now getting a horrible rubbing noise from the fan(i think). Anyone know how to solve this?

11.05.2006, 15:59

Maybe the fan was a little displaced during the cleaning procedure.
The problem is that if you remove any covers and open the notebook you will loose the warranty.

11.05.2006, 19:24
had the laptop for over a year. How long does warrenty last?

11.05.2006, 19:34

Did you purchase an extended warranty?
In this case you should have a 3 year warranty.

If you have registered your unit the ASP should know all the details about you notebook.
I would recommend to ask the Toshiba service in you country.

11.05.2006, 19:40
I didnt purchase a extended warrenty

11.05.2006, 20:24
However, this doesnít change anything. In my opinion the call to the ASP is not a bad idea.