View Full Version : Equium M50-216: Vodafone 3G Datacard issue

04.05.2006, 21:11
I have just bought the above laptop and whilst trying to install the Vodafone 3g Datacard, the software will install ok, but I get an error message 'The Sim is not ready'.

I have another Toshiba laptop and have no problem with that. Vodafone have established there is no problem with the Datacard and have advised it is probably the computer.

Can anyone confirm if this model accepts datacards or have I made a terrible mistake.

08.05.2006, 16:28

I donít know why this error message occurs but I have checked the forum and have noticed that some Vodafone PCMCIA cards were not compatible on some notebook models. Mostly the new software release has solved the issue. I would recommend contacting the card manufacture support. Maybe you will get more details.

Ps: Please post if you have some news.

Good luck