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18.11.2004, 12:35
Dear friends,

I'm trying to solve this problem:

When i connect to Sat Pro 6100 a 3rd party projector DLP bCool XG1 (a very good one) I can see everything very well...except DVD.

I explain better: I can see the movies on the notebook screen, but nothin on the wall...

Note that I can watch these files right on the screen but on the wall...:
mpeg files (Quick time yes, but WinmediaPlayer no);
avi files (Quick time yes, but WinmediaPlayer no);
mov files (Quick time yes, but WinmediaPlayer no);

DVD: (with Intervideo Windvd) Ok on the screen, but no output by the projector.

Note that if I use little window mode, the output projector image is correct except inside the window, which appears black (but is OK on the notebook display).

Who can help me?

Thanks in advance.


23.11.2004, 21:11
Hi Stefanohf,

when you switch the the output mode did you use the FN and F5 keys?

also which settigs are setted in the display driver? Right click to desktop, properties and settings.

go to advanced and nView. There should be clone enabled!

Try this!

Bye Sam

Mannerhagen Tom
24.11.2004, 15:56

I think at least a part of the answer is that not all data that is shown on the screen is possible (with given drivers and supporting software) to show on more than one 'screen' at a time. When I say 'screen' I mean any kind of screen, the projector is also a kind of screen.

To keep out of complicated technical stuff, try switching the display to the projector ONLY. If You use the internal screen AND the projector simultanously the overlay (the square containing the movie) will be on the primary screen which in most cases is the internal TFT of the PC.

Hope this helps!



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