View Full Version : Qosmio G30-116: Tv tuner chipset on Linux

04.05.2006, 13:15

I have Linux loaded on a Qosmio 30-116

An LSPCIlists a lists a Conexant device 5b7a, would I be right in thinking that this is a tv tunner ?

The same device is listed at www.pcidatabase.com as 0x5B7A Video,MPEG,Decoder, Multi-Media 0x14F1 Conexant Systems, Inc,

any comments anybody?

08.05.2006, 16:11

Unfortunately, the Toshiba doesn’t support the Linux OS.
However, some of the Qosmio G30 was delivered WITH DVB+T Analog Hybrid TV Tuner.
In this case on the Toshiba recovery CD the TV tuner driver was preinstalled.

I assume you need also a especial TV tuner driver for the Linux but as I said there are no drivers for Linux ;(
In my opinion there is nothing to do.

08.05.2006, 17:40
I am well aware of the orgin of statments such as "Toshiba recommends Microsoft Windows XP"

I was rather hoping for some simple hardware details of the Q30 116 machine, so far I have managed to get both the nvidia and wireless systems working with Linux. Both of which use standard chips. Having found evidence for standard mpeg decoder, I known there is an existing linux device driver for such a chip, I was wondering if this driver could also be used.

Does anybody known if Toshiba release any hardware details ? or if there is is any requriments under EU law to release such details?

09.05.2006, 09:57

All what I have found is that this is a Toshiba TV tuner with video-in RF, AV-IN(Composite/S-Video/Line-IN) RF, AV-IN(Composite/S-Video/Line-IN)
macrovision; CGMSA; Compression video MPEG2 rate 2,4,8Mb/s;
audio MPEG-Audio Layer2 rate 384kb/s (Max), interface PCI;

10.05.2006, 15:11
I have mandriver 2006 installed on a G-20, everything works.