View Full Version : SP 2100 " dead " after rebooting - only 2 lights on

Dutch Treat
18.11.2004, 03:40
I rebooted my Satellite Pro 2100 and waited for it to power up again. But it didn't. it's fairly new, 1 year old. I pressed the on-button, but the machine stays dead. The most right led-light will light up for a second, and then go dark again. No sound of HD, no sound of the fan, nothing.

I read in newsgroups on usenet that it could be something to do with the battery being recharged too long. But if that's is true: the laptop should be able to function without a battery, when on AC Power Adapter? Or am I wrong here?

Thanks in advance for your reply !

23.11.2004, 14:59
you absolute correct ! The Notebook should run just with connected AC Adapter.

You just can test one thing.

Remove the Main Battery and the AC Adapter.
Wait a moment a reconnect just the AC Adapter to the Notebook, and try to power on the machine.

Does the problem still persists ?

As you told the Notebook is just one year, and if the problem still exists, the best way for this problem is to give the Notebook to an Toshiba Service Center for a check up.


30.11.2004, 22:05

enrico is right! This is the only thing you could do!

Bye Antoni