View Full Version : Satellite Pro 6100 often randomly turns off and bad RTC error

02.05.2006, 20:59
Hi, I recently bought a sp6100 and it worked fine at first but now it often randomly turns off and comes up with BAD RTC ERROR at startup. As a musician who uses the pc it is very distressing and i have lost a lot of my work. Anyhelp would be great. Conrad

03.05.2006, 00:05
HI Conrad,

Random power loss is usually a symptom of over-heating and can usually be cured by cleaning out any dust and fluff which has built up in the CPU heatsink. A vacuum cleaner hose is a useful ally in doing this. Just put the hose against the air intake grilles for a few seconds.

The RTC error refers to the Real Time Clock setting which is normally maintained by a small battery usually fitted on the mainboard in your notebook. It is used to maintain the BIOS settings (including the date/time) and is quite separate from your notebook main battery. Changing the RTC (or CMOS) battery will involve some dismantling so is best left to an Authorised Service Partner.