View Full Version : Satellite M70: WLAN has no stable connection

01.05.2006, 20:37

My girlfriend and me we have the same laptop a Satelite M70 and the Windows XP installation is the same. My notebook have no problems with the WLAN but the other have no stable connection to the WLAN.

What could be the problem?

Waiting for help ...


03.05.2006, 14:36

There could be several reasons why the connection is unstable.
The different WLan cards with different properties for example.
However, you should check the settings on the WLan card.
Go to the WLan card properties and choose the tab “Advanced”.
Disable the power saver mode and check if other options are available to make the signal stronger and stable.
Furthermore you can also try to update the driver.

04.05.2006, 03:08
If you only READ the threads on this part of the forum you'd know lots of reasons why those problems happen.
Fo instance try referring to my thread a few posts below where I explain the all situation with the M70s and WLAN problems and what I went through with the Toshiba technicians to solve it.

Thread name is 'Satellite M70 + Intel 2200BG Problem - Anwsers'.

04.05.2006, 20:48
I do not know if this helps, because i have the m40-313 satellite, but i was having a problem where my connection would go off and back on regularly, i changed isp's 3 times until i figured out it had nothing to do with the server lol, i found that it was the main junction box for my phone, the one where the first filter is used, i removed the 2 screws and took out the bottom part of the box and inserted the filter into the socket that is in view, now i have two laptops connected and have not disconnected once in over two months lol, may not be the case for you but worth a try.