View Full Version : Sat Pro A60: Blue Screen - display driver ATI2DVAG.DLL in endless loop

01.05.2006, 15:00
Notebook is a Toshiba Satellite Pro A60 with ATI Mobility Radeon 7000 IGP Display Adapter, running Windows XP Professional and SP 2.
During Boot in most of the cases the systems hangs up with blue screen.

Have installed newest drivers from http://uk.computers.toshiba-europe.com/cgi-bin/ToshibaCSG/download_drivers_bios.jsp?service=UK (Version dated to 03/09/2004) but the problem continues. After second - latest third - reboot it works from then on.
The blue screen says (translated from German):
"Component which probably caused the problem: ati2dvag.dll; the device driver is in an endless loop; eventually the device doesn't work, or the device driver doesn't program the hardware in the right way. STOP 0x000000EA. A dump has been created".

PLEASE HELP - THANX in advance!
Best regards

03.05.2006, 15:22

I have investigated a little bit on the Toshiba website and found this interesting Toshiba document about the Satellite A60 and Blue Screen error message on start-up.

This document describes the BIOS upgrade procedure. The BIOS update should helps to solve this issue. Take a look.
Please post if you have solved the problem

11.05.2006, 18:51

I heave read that mostly this BIOS update has solved the Blue screen issue on the Sat Pro A60.
It would be very interesting to know if you have also solved this problem.

12.05.2006, 09:04

The fix that most people came up with was to download the Omega video driver. I think that the BIOS update fixed 1 A60 that I had. Unfortunately Toshiba advises to not install 3rd party drivers because they are not configured for any certain brand or type of computer. But the Omega driver has produced good results for a quickfix if you need. If you are in warranty I suggest taking it in to your ASP and having them look at it. The graphics card or north/south bridge on the motherboard could be defective. If out of warranty you can always try the Omega driver. Hope this helps you out.