View Full Version : Equium A60: PC2700 & PC2100 Compatibility

Confused Newbie
17.11.2004, 18:40
Hello again....

Based on the Equium A60 USER MANUAL I incorrectly ordered a SO-DIMM PC2100 200 PIN, that I understand runs at DDR266.
Based on your good advice I now realise I should have ordered SO-DIMM PC2700 200 PIN DDR333.
At the store where the ram was purchased they said I could still install the ram but that it would run at the lower speed of the 2 memory modules.
The questions are:

Is this true? can I have on my laptop a 256ram PC2700 (factory installed) and a 512ram PC2100 (purchased seperately)running together without any ill effects or damage to the machine?

and also

If it is true and a PC2700 and a PC2100 modules can be on the same machine, will there be a noticeable decrease in performance?

Thanks for your help, and a very big thank-you for the kind responses to my other questions :)

Kind regards

Confused Newbie

23.11.2004, 12:56
Normally you can run PC2700 Ram in co-operation with am PC2100 Ram.

The faster memory will adapt his speed to the slower one.

The PC2700 is downward compatibly.

So in that case you can buy this memory without problems