View Full Version : Satellite Pro A10 internal modem not detected

01.05.2006, 11:28
I have a problem with my internal modem. I reinstalled the drivers but it is still not listed under the modems. Does anyone have a suggestion?

03.05.2006, 12:57

Did you get any yellow exclamations marks in the device manager?
How did you install the modem driver?

If the driver was not installed the modem device should appears as an unknown device.
Then you should choose this device, right click and install/update the driver.

14.06.2006, 22:26
try out this (it works with all other Toshiba amr modems as well):
Posted: 05-22-2006 01:52 AM Post subject: THE PERMANENT FIX TO ERROR 633 000005aa TOSHIBA AMR MODEMS
I had the same problem with no solution for almost 1 year. I took the laptop apart and installed and reinstalled everything that I could imagine incl. recovery discs,etc...
Here is the solution I found in the net:

1. Turn you laptop off
2. Unplug and turn the laptop over
3. Take out the phillips screw on the HDD cover (small cover on the modem side)
4. Remove cover, and HDD (carefully, pull towards the front of the laptop on a low angle)
5. You will see a small plastic cover with a piece of paper and the modem underneath
6. Tear a piece of A4 paper in half. Fold it as many times as it takes to be approximately the same size as the piece of paper under the plastic cover.
7. Put your folded piece of paper with the genuine Toshiba/AMR fine piece of engineering which was so carefully constructed
8. Fold the plastic cover back down over your piece of paper and reassemble. Be careful not to let it sprawl everywhere and try to keep the plastic cover located
9. Turn on your laptop and connect to that lightning speed 56K internet

It works !
I will not be held responsible for any damage you may do to your laptop when installing this soft hardware, as you are the one installing it and I wasnt there