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30.04.2006, 22:58
Dear all, my A60 keeps freezing and the a message appears saying that the ATI driver has stoped working properly this causes the screen to go really big and have a very low resolution. when i switch it off a blue error message appears and i have to put it in safe mode for it to work, Ive downloaded the ATI driver and thats not worked, ive used the recovery disc to clear it all and start again but thats not worked,

does any1 have any other ideas? THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP EVERYONE


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03.05.2006, 12:36

You shouldn't use the ATI graphic driver because this driver is not designed for the notebook usage. Toshiba recommend to use the own graphic drivers because these drivers are especially designed for the notebook usage.

However, after recovering procedure the notebooks should works properly. If the malfunction occurs again after this procedure so I assume there must be something wrong with the hardware (graphic chip)
I donít think that you will be able to fix this problem by yourself.
In this case you should contact the Toshiba ASP.

10.05.2006, 22:34
I have EXACTLY the same problem. The previous post indicates that you shouldn't use the ATI drivers...well in fact if you try to download new drivers from the Toshiba download section, what you see is ATI drivers - so I don't think you / we have any choice over the matter...

I also experience the overheating problem seen elsewhere in this forum - ah, and did I mention that the battery now only lasts 20 minutes before it is drained.

I really want to solve the driver problem at least. Any chance of some help here ?

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11.05.2006, 10:25
Hello Marc

On this way it is really not easy to say what happen exactly on your unit. The recovery image contains all drivers designed for hardware components (including graphic driver) and there should not be any problems.

In your case I can just imagine that you have installed some application or even game that has negative influence on graphic driver.
Did you notice that the problem occurs after installation of some game?

Hi Steve

Overheating problem is not specific for some notebook model just common problem of notebooks generally. In your case the cooling vent is placed at the bottom side and you can try to place notebook on something (four books) and check if the unit runs better. On this way unit will not absorb so much dust. By the way: my colleague has the same unit and till now it runs well. The only disadvantage is that the cooling fan runs very often but the unit runs permanent on maximum limit (database updating) and he must live with it.

Best regards

29.05.2006, 18:18
I've got the same issue with the graphic card driver. It's been happenig for about 3 weeks now. It seems to be triggered when I connect either a USB memory flash drive or external USB HDD. Once connected, the laptop recognises them, and then a few seconds later, falls over and throws the blue screen at me. It's driving me mad. I used the recovery discs and updated drivers via Windows Update but the problem persists. Any suggstions, please?

31.05.2006, 10:41
Hi John

This is not the same issue! You have suggested that the Blue Screen of Death appears after plugging the external usb device. Itís possible that there is something wrong with the USB ports. It happens since 3 weeks. But did it occur at the beginning?
If not so I assume there is something wrong with the hardware.
You can also try to update the BIOS or/and other Toshiba drivers from the Toshiba page. Maybe it helps. It not please asks the Toshiba service for the help.

01.06.2006, 21:33
Hi Jayjay,
I'm not sure it's a USB port fault. If that was the case, why does it not happen when using a USB mouse and USB printer? I get the graphic driver failure usually, but not exclusively, after connecting a USB memory device. Designed to fail about 14 months after purchase, just after the warranty runs out ;-) Cynic. Me?


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03.06.2006, 00:44
Hi Steve,

The drivers that you obtain from the Toshiba web-site are specially adapted versions of the ATI originals designed to work specifically with Toshiba notebooks. They are quite definitely not the same as the original ATI drivers that you can download from the ATI website.

Usually the features of the drivers that may cause excessive heating of the graphics chip are removed to ensure that no harm comes to the notebook. Unfortunately, this does mean that the drivers will not support some of the advanced graphics features of some PC games. This is a common problem with notebooks.

I have successfully downloaded the Omega catalyst drivers from the OMEGA web-site for my A30 and have been using them for some time now without any problems so you may like to try this options to see if this cures your problem.


12.06.2006, 08:40
I got the same message on my A60! ATI driver error, so as my warrenty has ended, i thought of openning up the laptop. Took out the fan assembley on the board, and blow out the dust from the copper grill. So much dust, its unbelievable!! After putting the A60 back together, its now working fine and quieter. So from now on every month i will clean out the fan. Put i am soon to buy a new laptop, another Toshiba : D