View Full Version : Wireless connection fails on G10 after changing the motherboard

30.04.2006, 17:46
I've been having some problems with my wireless for some time now. Basically everytime I turn my pc on my internet connection fails. I have to always do a rer on my wireless connection. Eventually it works. This problem began when a technician changed my motherboard for another issue. Since then he's changed my wireless card. The problem remains tho. Is there a patch for this?

01.05.2006, 18:07

Is your wireless network the Intel 2200BG if so try downloading the software for this from www.intel.com. Thats if you have a connection. Other thing to try is to go into the properties of the wireless card and make sure the power setting is set to high and that the Throughput enhancer is set to activated.

It could be a mix up with the router whereby the DHCP is not allocating an inappropriate IP address. You can go into the router through the admin option and disable this feature. However you'll need to allocate the Laptop an IP address. click on network connections and right click properties on the wireless connection. You should see Internet Protocol TCP/Ip on the list. Double click and assign the IP address manually. You also need to enter the other info which can be found by entering ipconfig at the c:/ prompt.