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29.04.2006, 20:33
hi, my Tecra8200 didn't run again, after it's battery empty and power off. I plug the ac power cable and push the power button, it's power led, battery led, HDD led on again but it didn't work. I can't hear any noise from it.
Please help me...

02.05.2006, 13:44

Try to remove the battery and try to start the unit without the battery.
You can also wait a several minutes and then you can put the battery into the unit.
Try power up the notebook.
If it doesn’t work so I assume it’s a hardware fault.
In this case only the ASP can give you a precise answer what’s wrong.

12.05.2006, 19:06

It would be very interesting to know if the battery removing procedure has solved this issue. If not and you are not able to start the unit there must be something wrong with the hardware. Maybe the CPU or the RAM is corrupted.
Like Gipsyman has suggested the ASP can solve such problems.

20.05.2006, 05:22
Can you please tell me what is this ASP? I also have problems with my Tecra8200. It simply doesn't start.

Thanks, Fabio.

22.05.2006, 12:32
Hi surfml

The ASP – Toshiba Authorized Service Partner
PS: Please check the previous postings for solution. If it doesn’t help, ask the ASP in your country: