View Full Version : Equium A60-692 Power supply - laptop doesn't receive any power

29.04.2006, 16:34

My Equium A60-692 has stopped receiving any power from the AC adaptor (tho I've metered it and its giving out a good 19v). I've noticed the end of the adaptor (the end that goes into the laptop) is different to normal ones. Rather than having a hole at the center that a spike on the laptop fits into, its just got a flat piece of metal. Just wondered this was normal and the problem is inside the laptop or if the spike has somehow snapped off and is stuck into the adaptor. It looks like its supposed to be this way but it seems a bit weird...


29.04.2006, 23:44
HI Rodders,

Bad news I'm afraid. The flat piece of metal that you describe is the back end of the central pin that has snapped off the inside of the power socket on your notebook. This is quite a common occurrence (check out some of the other posts on these forums).

Unfortunately the solution to this problem is for your nearest Authorised Service Partner to replace the mainboard (quite expensive!) unless you can find someone willing to solder in a new power socket.

Very sorry to be the bearer of such bad tidings.


03.05.2006, 19:05
You should contact Toshiba and they may fix it for you as this happened to my laptop Equium A60 and it turned out power adaptor was faulty.