View Full Version : How to change fan activation and deactivation in Tecra 8100?

28.04.2006, 01:03
I'd like to know if is there is a way to tell the Bios or Utility how to set the temperatures and fan speed to keep my computer cool.

There are several utilities in internet for this but they don't work on Tecra 8100...


28.04.2006, 12:59

The Toshiba Power saver is preinstalled on all Toshiba units.
This software controls the function of the cooling module and the CPU usage.
You can set the processor speed and the fan performance.

This application was also preinstalled on the Toshiba image.

28.04.2006, 13:38
Hi Toka

In my opinion you should use Toshiba designed tool for power management. This tool is tested and adapted for this unit. There you can find settings for Cooling fan and CPU frequency. There you can choose between three options:
• Maximum performance
• Performance
• Battery optimized

For CPU frequency:
• High
• Normal

You can also use some third part software but using Toshiba designed tools you will be on the safe way.

30.04.2006, 13:10
There is a nice utility called SpeedFan. I use it with my Tecra 8100.

30.04.2006, 17:30
Well, Toshiba utilities doesn't give freedom to choose what temperatures you want to have in your PC.

Using motherboard monitor and speedfan I've seen that most of the time temperature goes higher than 60 and 65 degrees celsius.

Speed fan doesn't work for me. I try to set the fan speeds but they doesn't work as I want.

Does it matter that all toshiba power extensions are installed? I mean: do they mess with fan speed settings, not allowing speed fan make its work?


03.05.2006, 10:09

The fact is that Toshiba doesn’t support any the 3rd party software like SpeedFan and I there is no warranty that 3rd software will work on Toshiba units.
However, the Power saver controls the fan and cpu. But you can no set an explicit temperature. Like Juan and Mike said the power saver is a designed especially for Toshiba notebooks and if all is installed properly you shouldn’t have any problems.