View Full Version : Question about internal Bluetooth connector on Tecra 8100?

28.04.2006, 01:00
Hello all.
I have a pt810e-13c52-sp notebook. Upgraded to 512MB by using 2 toshiba 256mb pc100 modules bought in ebay, upgraded to a PIII 850 also got in ebay, and upgraded to a bigger 40GB wdc wd400e hard disk, with much less noise than 12GB original one.

Messing with my computer i have found an internal "bluetooth" connector next to the internal one that belongs to the keyboard.

Why is this?? Is there any unreleased Bluetooth module for Toshiba Tecra 8100??

28.04.2006, 12:46

I assume this connector is placed on the motherboard because itís possible to upgrade the Tecra 8100 with a internal Bluetooth module.
I donít found any compatible Bluetooth modules but all supported and compatible parts you can order from the Toshiba service partner in you country.

28.04.2006, 13:30
Hi Toka

Maybe I am wrong but I have found info that Tecra 8100 has no BT and this model can not be upgraded with BT module. Usually BT will be used just sometimes and if you need BT you can use USB BT stick. It is pretty easy to configure it and this small part can be used whenever you need it.

30.04.2006, 13:05
I think that you can use BT module from Tecra 8200.

30.04.2006, 18:03
I've tried to find info about this BT module for 8200 but I found nothing. What device is that?

03.05.2006, 09:48

I donít found also any informations about the compatible Bluetooth module but like Juan has suggested you can order all supported and compatible parts from the Toshiba service in your country.