View Full Version : Equium A60-152: Can't open webpages with USB broadband modem

26.04.2006, 22:40
Hey man
Bought a second hand Equium A60-152 today.
Everything seems to work fine, but when I connect to the net using my external USB broadband modem I can't open any web pages.
It is connecting ok but doesn't want to do anything when connected.
Do I have to disable the built in modem to get it to work properly?

Cheers Man


27.04.2006, 11:57
Hi Craig,

You should not have to disable the built-in modem in order to use your USB broadband connection.
In fact I usually recommend having two connections defined (a normal Broadband one and also a dial-up PAYG version). That way I can access my ISP even when I am somewhere which is not Broadband enabled.

I assume that you can access your normal ISP home page correctly ? In which case I would suggest that you check your browser settings and also your anti-virus and firewall options.


27.04.2006, 15:02
I can't get any site at all.
The modem is showing as connected.
I also have an equium a60-155 here which works fine.
I have made sure all the settings are the same on both.
The only difference is in control panel\windows firewall\exceptions the laptop that works has 2 extra programs and services listed :Yahoo! FT server and Yahoo! Messenger.
Could this be the problem?
Also when I do a diagnostic test on the connection it says that a proxy has been disabled.

28.04.2006, 11:44
Hi Craig,

It is quite possible that the firewall is affecting your ability to load web pages. I would recommend disabling the Windows firewall and use the one provided by your anti-virus software in preference (unless your anti-virus does not include a firewall).

You may also need to check your fire-wall settings to make sure that you are following the requirements of your ISP in relation to security and proxy settings.


28.04.2006, 13:35
I tried disabling/enabling windows and norton firewalls in every combination with no luck.
Ended up using recovery cd to wipe drive and start again, works ok now.
Bit annoying after spending all day yesterday installing loads of software.

Bye now