View Full Version : Equium M50-216 shutdown - now won't turn on again!

26.04.2006, 15:13

a few weeks ago my laptop shut down suddenly without warning (while in the middle of tomb raider!). At the time, i took it to my boyfriend who thought that it might be due to overheating, so he took the battery out and disconnected it from the mains for a while. It worked after that. Since then it's been fine.

yesterday, the issue happened again while in windows (sudden shutdown, no warnings). Problem is, that now (a whole day after the shutdown) and i still can't turn it on (when i press the power button it turns on for a few seconds then goes off again. you can hear the fan starting then stopping). I've tried turning it on with both battery/mains connected, only mains and only battery but still nothing.
Surely it can't still be too hot?? Perhaps the issue is the BIOS needs resetting or so? Please help as I am running out of ideas and it's getting a bit annoying....

many thanks...

ps: laptop still not working.....

28.04.2006, 11:56
Hi Kelly,

It sounds as if there may be a problem with the internal hardware on your notebook. As you know there is a thermal trip fitted inside which will cut the power if the unit temperature gets too hot. Normally the thermal trip will reset when it cools down, but it is always possible that it has stuck in the open position and will not allow the unit to power on.

If you get the normal LED indicators showing for just a few seconds when you press the power switch after which they go out then this would indicate that the unit has failed its initial POST process so you will need to refer it to an Authorised Service Partner for proper diagnostic checks to be made.