View Full Version : Satellite Pro A10: Bios update without floppydrive?

26.04.2006, 13:55
On my SP A10 i have bios version 1.20 Now I found 1.30 on this website.
But i can only update it with a floppy according the website. And the problem is my A10 doesn't have a floppydrive. How can i update my bios to 1.30? Can i boot from CD or USBkey and try to update the bios??
When i download the bios on this website i get an executable with wants to write sectors on a 1,44mb floppy.
(it makes a bootable floppydisk)

What can i do to make it possible to update the bios?

28.04.2006, 15:48

Fist question: Why you want to update the BIOS?
Did you have some problems with your unit?

I use my notebook since 6years and I have never updating the BIOS. It’s not necessary for me because all works fine.
If you have no problems you shouldn’t update the BIOS because the BIOS upgrade procedure is “dangerous”.

The wrong BIOS or wrong BIOS procedure can damage the motherboard.
If you want to know how to update the BIOS please check the Toshiba FAQ:

PS: You have to use FDD drive because it’s not possible to use USB stick or a CD

28.04.2006, 16:19
Hi Charlie

If the unit runs well it is really not necessary to make BIOS updates. In my opinion it can always be risky if something goes wrong. In this case you have a real problem.

Back to update: unfortunately on Toshiba download page there is the traditional BIOS update only and you can not do it without Floppy drive. Only that you can do is to buy floppy or visit service partner. They can do this for you. It is very fast procedure. You can also ask your local dealer for help.

Sorry but I don’t see there any other option.