View Full Version : Tecra 8000 won't start

25.04.2006, 19:00
Recently I gave my laptop to my girlfriend to take to the US. It's been x-rayed, I don't know whether that has anything to do with it, but ever since it refused to startup. When plugged in, the power cord light is constantly on, the on light is flickering very occasionally and the battery light is flickering (orange) as well.
The others are dead. When I pull out the battery, same behaviour, except ofcourse the battery light isn't burning at all (or do I need to do some extra step to try to start up without battery). With no net power, only the on button is flickering.

Anyone any idea?

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26.04.2006, 13:53

If the LED is blinking so it means that something is wrong with the hardware.
In this case you should contact the ASP in your country.
He can “read” the blinking code a can give you a detailed answer about the faults.