View Full Version : T9000 - Display cable problem?

25.04.2006, 17:36

3 weeks ago the display of my notebook began to stay black. If I waited a few minutes it blinked white and after that it stayed white. A search on google resulted that the display cable may be broken. I changed the cable and it worked a few days. Now I have the same problem again. The obscure thing is that, if I unplug the display cable from the graphic card (under keyboard) and replug it again it works fine, but I think that's not the best solution. Has anyone ever experienced such problems or does any Toshiba expert know something about this?


27.04.2006, 22:28
Hi Hans

You will be very lucky if someone has enough experience with this problem. I donít know how much are you familiar with hardware components on the notebooks but just detailed investigation can give you some answers.

Before you wait here I recommend you to make a call to the service partner. Explain them the problem, maybe they will be so kindly and give you some useful tips.

Good luck!