View Full Version : Tecra 750DVD: Where can I buy a installation CD?

24.04.2006, 12:47
Recently had to reinstall my Tecra 750DVD but cant find the CD. Anyone know were I can get/purchase a new one as its a pain trying to install every driver seperatly. PLEASE HELP!

If so email me at LordARFIUS@Yahoo.com or use MSN etc. Thanks

p.s. This has been bugging me for 4 months so you'll undrerstand how desperate I am for this CD. :)

24.04.2006, 15:40
HI Arfius,

You can normally obtain recovery CDs from your nearest Authorised Service Partner.


24.04.2006, 16:50

Nicky is absolutely right. Original Toshiba designed recovery media you can order by service partner in your country. You can find them under http://www.csd.toshiba.com/cgi-bin/tais/su/su_gaspLocator.jsp?pf=true


25.04.2006, 03:50
I cannot see how to post a new message -- but please help....
for some stupid reason, I turned off my touch pad on a A35. How the heck do I turn it back on? rebooting doesn't do it.
I cannot get to the icon at the bottom-right corner either.

25.04.2006, 09:15

@tomynoks: If you don’t know how to post new message so you should use the forum “Help” option.
However, the touchpad can be disabled and enabled with the key combination FN+F9
Check it.