View Full Version : Equium A80: DVD/Cd player replacement question

23.04.2006, 19:42
Hi I own an A80 with a Cd burner/dvd player. I would like to upgrade to a dvd burner, is this possible, is it easy to change and finally does anyone know the correct model number.


24.04.2006, 15:10

The drive replacing is very easy. As far as I know the drive is fixed with two screws. You will find it at the bottom of the unit.
However, if you want to replace the drive you should check if supports the right settings (master/slave/c-sel)
Unfortunately, I donít found a compatible one but you can ask the Toshiba service partner for the supported drive. There you can order the drive. He can give you also a advise how to change the drive.

24.04.2006, 16:18

I am pretty sure that drive upgrade is possible but, unfortunately, I have no precise information which drive is compatible with your unit. Toshiba authorized service partners are specialized for hardware upgrade and they can give you precise information about that.

The fact is that every drive can not work with every unit. Please be careful about that.