View Full Version : Cooling system not functioning well on Satellite Pro 6000

22.04.2006, 12:12
I am getting a message from the operating system on my SP6000, the message tells me that my cooling system is not functioning well, and after that the computer switches off. It seams the cooling fan is not running. Could that be a software problem or a hardware problem?



24.04.2006, 11:39

If the cooling module doesnít run itís very danger because the CPU can damage.
I donít think that itís a software problem because the fans should running without any software.
Of course the Toshiba power saver which is preinstalled on the unit controls the CPU and fan usage.

First of all you should check the fans and if necessary try to clean it with the vacuum cleaner.
If after this procedure the cooling modules cannot work properly so you should contact the service.

25.04.2006, 19:39
Hi Sammy

It is not easy to say but I presume that there is hardware problem. This unit is pretty old and maybe it is time to clean it up.