View Full Version : Satellite Pro 6100 orange light syndrom - part2

21.04.2006, 22:55
Thanks for your replies.
I understand that if orange light is blinking it could be either battery not charged or something wrong.
I was asking about this "something wrong". Is there a explanation of these signals?

I heard that it is something to do with power jack and apparently it is a common problem with my model.
I don't qualify for this category, but would like to know if i am able to repair it myself or i need to send it to service centre?
If it is just a soldering (which i presume it is) why i need to bother with calling up, arranging collection & pickup.


24.04.2006, 10:30

First of all, why do you start new topic and donít post the question in your old topic?

However, the blinking code has several meanings and there are no official documents about the code meaning. If such issue occurs you should contact the Toshiba service partner in your country.

25.04.2006, 17:45

Like Eldorado said the blinking code has many different meanings. Usually all those problems are related to power supply and power supply electronic. In my opinion you will not be able to do anything alone. It is very sensible part of the mainboard and it will be better to contact technicians.