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21.04.2006, 18:32
I have a Tecra 8200 and works with Win XP. No I have some problems:
First, under Win 2000 and power only out the batteries, you can select the speed from the CPU and the brightness from the LCD with a programm called "Power Extension". Under Win XP the "Power Extension" doesn´t work.
The next problem I regnosize ist the Grafic-Card-Driver. Normaly, If I press "Windows Desktop on this Monitor "erweitern"" (Its the german word, i don´t know what it called in english (My english is very bad ;) )), upper this text I can click on a Text called "Use this Device as primery Monitor". But I can´t click on it.
I hope you can understand me and help with my qestions.

(If are some people from Germany or german-speaking people here in this Forum? You can me send a email (tobihummel@hummel-live.de) or an message (ICQ-Number: 271944753)

21.04.2006, 18:54

On all Toshiba notebooks the Toshiba Power Saver is installed and this application is responsible for controlling the CPU and cooling modules.
The LCD brightness you can set with the additional application called FN keys.
The combination of FN+F6 or FN+F7 controls the brightness on the display.
The Power Extension is not known to me.

I don’t know what you want to do with the “Use this Device as primary Monitor” but I assume you want to set the external monitor as a primary monitor. Am I right?
As far as I know it’s not possible to set the external monitor as a primary monitor.

You can switch to the external monitor or you can use extended desktop on the second monitor but it’s not possible to set it as primary screen.

22.04.2006, 00:37
The Power Extensions was only for Win 2000. But I thougt I can use it under Win XP. It's nothing other as the "Energy Options", the only thing that is difficult is the option, where you can click on "Maximal Power" , "Normal" or "Maximum Battery-Live" (I hope you understand me)
I have now downloaded the programm called TFnF5. But it will not work! The same problem with Power Saver. I can install it, I shut down XP, boot again, but no programm!? What things I'm doing wrong?

And the Display: Yes, you're right! That I think! But I think that the problems upper are more complicated.

24.04.2006, 10:54

Did you install common modules for WinXP? This application is important for additionally Toshiba applications and must be installed at the beginning.

Furthermore if the Toshiba tools and drivers are designed for Win2000 so you cannot use it under WinXP. There is no guarantee that it will work.
If you use WinXP so you have to use programs designed for this OS.

Ps: I have found Power saver for WinXP for Tecra8200.

Check this site: